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About us


At City Blessing Ministries, we highly value our efforts in keeping the spiritual unity not only between our four branches in Florida, but on a nationwide and worldwide basis as well. Fully equipped with the love and anointing from God, we continuously seek communion in order to create an environment where growth and peace are facilitated. We truly believe that by empowering our believers, communities will be impacted through our passion for Christ. 

Our Vision: 

Transforming Our Communities 

Our Mission: 

By the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we are commissioned to transform our communities through sharing the Gospel, equipping the believers, and planting churches. 

our Ministers:
Ps. Fredy Liwang

Lead Senior Pastor

Ps. Janto Djajaputra

Associate Pastor (West Palm & Miami)

Ps. Eddy Djaja

Associate Pastor (Orlando & Tampa)

Ps. Peter Tan

Associate Pastor (Tampa & Orlando)

Ps. Shelly Tirtarahardja
Ps. Vinay Kumar

Associate Pastor (West Palm & Miami)

Associate Pastor (Tampa)

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