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Care-cell is our form of small group gathering where we come together to fellowship, share, and learn God's word. It is a more casual and intimate approach to discussing sermon topics and daily life blessings and challenges. We have care-cells weekly at many different locations for all our campuses and is open to everyone who wants to join, so find one near you today from the list below!

schedule by campus


North Carecell

Mondays 7pm (Weekly)

Contact: Eunice T. - 407.489.8958

South Carecell

Thursdays 7.30pm (Weekly)

Contact: Erica S. - 407.791.9548

East Carecell

Fridays 7.30pm (Weekly)

Contact: Ade F. - 407.516.5035

Youth Carecell


Contact: Erica S. - 407.791.9548

Young Adult Carecell


Contact: Nikita D. - 407.497.8397

Northeast Carecell


Contact: Irma H.- 407.620.1500

Living Water

Saturdays 1pm (Weekly)

Contact: Sis. Shelly - 561.307.9865


Fridays 8pm (Weekly)

Contact: Ps. Janto - 561.308.0384

Breath of Life

Thursdays 6pm (Weekly)

Contact: Sis. Hera - 561.633.2957

West palm



All Nations

Wednesdays 7pm (Weekly)

Contact: Ps. Janto Djajaputra - 561.308.0384

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